The Whitehouse Consultancy, the Secretariat to the Urology Trade Association have created and launched a new logo, brand and website for the group.  

Having used the previous logo since the UTA’s inception in 2007, The Whitehouse Consultancy carried out the work to create a fresh, modern, forward-facing brand that is fit for the 95% of urology industry manufacturers and suppliers it represents. In addition to a new logo, a new website has also been developed with a focus on clarity, ease of access and flexibility on various devices.

Paul Church, Associate Director at The Whitehouse Consultancy said: “Our team have worked incredibly hard to create a new image for the UTA, from a new logo, to brand guidelines and a fully responsive website.

“As the representatives of 95% of urology product manufacturers and suppliers, it is important to be at the forefront of the latest trends – including those in design and marketing. This does exactly that and we are thrilled to hear such great feedback.”

For more information about how The Whitehouse Consultancy can assist clients in the health sector, please contact: [email protected]