Did you know that 1 in 6 people in the UK will suffer from continence issues at some point in their lives? 

A patient speaking to one of Whitehouse’s clients recently commented that whilst continence issues are ‘not life threatening’, they can certainly be ‘life ruining’.  The Government is, therefore, under an obligation to ensure that the millions of patients who suffer from these conditions each year are able to live their lives as independently as possible with dignity and confidence that the products they use work for them and address their individual needs.

This is why the Urology Trade Association, has launched the ‘Your Prescription, Your Choice’ Campaign – aimed at letting patients across the United Kingdom know they have the right to choose which products are most comfortable, effective and efficient for their individual needs, without interference or influence from appliance contractors or pharmacies who may have a commercial interest in recommending certain products over others.

In this personal area of health, patient power is essential.  The ability to choose products, after taking clinical advice, which address the individual needs of patients can go some way toward bringing down the £500 million the NHS spends per year on treating patients for urinary tract infections, saving the NHS vital funds, and, most importantly, the patient discomfort, pain and loss of dignity.

As the NHS enters its 70th year and celebrates this with both a cash injection from Government and a new ten-year plan, it is vital that care becomes more individual and that we embrace new technology to ensure that patients always have the very best choices available to them.  That is true patient power and that is why the Urology Trade Association, which represents 95% of the urology market, is a strong advocate for patient choice in the health sector.

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